EVP has worked in the resort industry since 1980. Therefore when we became the agency for a ski resort we were able to bring over 30 years of experience to the client. What resulted was a robust plan and implementation that resulted in a 20% increase in lodging revenue in the first year.


EVP Marketing and Media is a full-service IDEA COMPANY that uses the power of MEDIA, STRATEGIC MARKETING and PUBLIC RELATIONS to increase revenue and awareness for its clients.

Our business started as we managed the resort cable television station at Waterville Valley Resort in the late 80s and early 90s. We used those skills to then venture into producing same-day event videos for charity-related fundraisers and corporate functions. We quickly found our niche in the marketing and media business.

We set ourselves apart with our time-tested practice of DEVELOPING INNOVATIVE IDEAS that are COMPELLING AND ACTION-ORIENTED. Whether you are a business of one or one thousand, and your need is simple or full-scale, our imaginative team of experienced professionals is eager to DEVELOP AND EXECUTE YOUR PLAN. We not only bring the CREATIVE HORSEPOWER to the table, but also have the in-house technical support required to deliver a smart and successful project START-TO-FINISH.

Our CLIENT FOCUSED approach to budget is what has made our company successful over the past 20 years. As the media landscape has evolved, so has EVP. Today, in addition to our video production services, our offerings include branding, public relations, product launches, fundraising, copy writing and more. Not only do we promise to deliver a unique, on-budget, on-schedule winning product, but we also promise you will have a ton of fun along the way.


Marketing is an ever changing world. And the pace of change is getting faster every day.

We wish that everyone could understand and enjoy the nuances of marketing as we do, but we know that is not possible. So we connect the dots and fill in the gaps. We work with you to get a product or service communicated to the marketplace and sold. If that involves EVP being involved in a single piece of the puzzle or an entire campaign, we are here to make sure you get results.

We enjoy working collaboratively, but we also know when to take control of a project or campaign to make it work.

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